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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Left Brained or Right Brained - Why It's STILL important to know


painting by 'The Maters Apprenitce' at deviantart.com

Although the theory that some parts of the brain are more inclined to one way of thinking, the idea has been largely discredited although, some parts of the brain work in different ways, we wonder where the depression bit is? And if you plan on having kids and want to have healthy children you need to resolve your fears urgently, according to this new study about mothers transferring fear to their babies (would explain one reason I suffer emetophobia, my mother was somewhat emetophobic but not as acutely as me) Your 'left brain' (or logic/dull side) may well be working differently in some places ( the powers that be, know sod-all sometimes). However: the fact that your creative side ('right-brain' is probably overactive (especially when stressed) seems to be hidden from view, which is wrong, as catasrophizing (that can be pretty creative) makes illness much worse. Hormones released (HPA axis is a big element in the generation of panic) during stress are responsive to your thoughts. It nay take a while, but depression and panic always passes once you're thinking right, so, we have to work on this diligently to balance the left and right 'brain' (that thing between your ears). Art ('right-brained') is a natural therapy for the ill. So cock a snook at the so and so's and big up your practical problem-solving skills with the new app, Brain Yoga. I've tried it and was shocked to find how creative I've been (!) and needed to have problem solving games set to 'One' (am far too Right-brained) So fear not.  Do as the good people tell you, exercise the brain daily. Here are some fun anagrams (app). Do these exercises every day. Be arty too (links)

Try also, learning about NPD and cluster B personality (free book) as these traits can affect everyone. One of the symptoms, is to 'blame' anyone/everything, when, with improved patience, we find, that things going wrong, are actually, usually our own doing.

 "Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." 
— Volataire  *we wish

Learning about your personality type (rather than your 'disorder')  (professional test) could also help your future job and love prospects.

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

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