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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why Do We have Wars, War, Gays, Abuse and Trauma - One Word - Millon

Calling All Control Freaks!

I was on the radio talking to LBC's Nick Ferrari yesterday, he asked me what agoraphobia is in a word - I said 'trauma' - I should have said 'Millons' but nobody would've understood that.

There are those who have Millon and those who do not. Millons have been the cause of wars since daddies and mummies were missed too much. Emotionally distanced parents, or overly critical family members cause life time illness. They don't understand why, as they don't have the same perceptions of sensitivities, so they resort to criticism, that often kills vulnerable youngsters. Suicide doesn't have to happen.

Gayness is one example of Millon parenting, it also causes a deep shame that often cannot be fixed without a brand new life. Millons victims, gay or straight, are longing for a parent and identity incarnate. A god figure, or a mirror image that creates them as 'a god/goddess'. Anything less, leaves (wrongly or rightly!) an 'unattractive/ugly Millons in a state of Anhedonial withdrawal. This is why it's important to get your balance right and address the issues about the unique YOU in order for you to be able to share all you want to with this beautiful wonderful world, her unique and gorgeous inhabitants and to live the life you were meant to. When Millons is accompanied with SPD - you have a war. When it's a schizotypal subtype, you have wars or solutions to them. The quick way around it all - is address the shaming suffered from the child abuse cause. This is why Social Workers need to take children (still no excuse for secret courts)  It can also be a symptom of traumatic experience.


Heal shaming and trauma exposure with adaptive and creative skills focused on building self-awareness with positive shaping rather than deconstruction. Keep people motivated to continue with token economy, art and history skills to assist in positive identity formation. Use telephone and email support, utilise online chat and apps. Help monitor chat rooms where bullying is still rife. Challenge a Millon on his/her attitude rather than condemning, if you do, you find a respectful friend willing to take a look at what you have to say.

Keep Calm Psychiatry - Millon

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