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Monday, 4 August 2014

Crime, Business, ID, Invention, Machiavellian Philosophy and Personality - INSIGHT

Crime, Business, ID and the Machiavellian Philosophy and Personality including the future of Criminology (I tell ya) -  includes new fun apps, complex personality testing (including colloquial and philosophical values) and evidence of, early identification and positive exploit of Machiavellian psychopathology in children, employing Myers Briggs types type tests, the identification of personality spectrum's (Myers B - [] Group C NPD = me - (*as well as sub-types!)) interactive quizzes and tests, with various types and escalation of complexity.  

It's about intent, and where that came from.

Randomness (and regular review of) is absolutely essential for critical identification. Mixed (high EQ) local ('tribal' and beyond) group interaction will help keep it relevant & valid. Highest spatial  EQ (with evidence of IQ - make em blog, nicely) with my type of type, is a winner : D You get great humour, loyalty and spatial 'bigger picture' inventions (mind you, years ago I invented interactive (haptic) sex toys (shared with Garret Lisi and Aubrey De Grey) the wireless 3-pin plug, the usb-battery power source for Tablet computers - and nobody wanted to know, no deposit for the patent at the time, nor with my digital pens and lighters in the 70's) - and problem solving.  *Expressive skills can be stunted in the spatial/traumatised/PTSD/Autism

Millons Cluster B NPD, must be shown how to improve its bullying, undermining sorry self  (*shame gets the non-Machiavellian Sociopath, not the amygdala/genetically/phobic - challenged Psycho) though the VALUE of good manners is underutilised there) in using easy, reinforcing, practical steps (enough with the self-pity, its not helpful, and good kind people are tiring of the empathy bit unless motivated by Big Daddy in de sky. And those gods r gettin far too old - Aliens are good, keep them small!)

To apply tests in the absence of a 'controlled' environment it is also essential in identification and for identification of intelligence, e.g. evidence of spatial *awareness* isn't evidence of high EQ, it's evidence of it having been observed. Psychopaths love to do that. Criminology must have been getting things a bit wrong in some areas, for some time. Who else got it wrong? Intelligence adapts, it's not static. So how much injustice is down to poor application in forensic psychology and social science ('dumbing down' (a writer wrote) 'being a Surrealist writer they (NLP) take on [reactive] properties that trigger thought/images; this is where the abusive recontextulizing of language by the media gets me the blues, they dumb it up, overuse and abuse the words in contexts that are just ridiculous at best, at worst dangerous' - and not keeping up with the Internet those very special kiddies?)

Instead resting on its complex historical (pre Internet) laurels, not really ready for the vastness? We need to explore mobile technology (I've been 'auditing' (a little) the current mHealth course with Stanford) and one of our heroes, Mark Zuckerberg, is helping make the Internet a reality for the entire world, coming soon  (it has surprising critics though) you'd be foolish not to buy into it. Wouldn't suit the EU much? (EU itself is maybe racist, wants white immigrants over black in the UK) EU would suit UKIP if it understood things better maybe (Must go and review them, [Indigenous] British identity bashing is always going to be a bad idea) We need interactive apps, simple baby-step lists and tools, used daily with masses of Ebay style feedback (we all need it and Ebay has the gift - it's addictive due to that fact as well as the great bargains) in order to vastly improve our skills. Feedback is underrated and a massive reinforcer, even if it's deliberate 'negative reinforcement' (be careful with that, war games need to include a lot more medical dramas #real)

The 'Brain Yoga' (free) is a very good example of the type of App we need (needs a chat room/specific feedback place) It's quite scary that Amazon App store only has a couple of CBT apps worth noting, and one DBT app. For mental illness, we need to include access to chat rooms with 'personality disorder' focus (those PD 'overlap' explanations are getting wearing) that are reinforcing and that can be useful to patients and clinicians alike, determining best-outcome in a non-adversarial, creative way, that will help reduce inpatient requirement but that will secure employment. NPD Cluster B /ASPD must have their own new focus as they can't achieve potential whilst focused on themselves or their pain (which is real, they often don't care for themselves well enough, usually lack of attention to their unique PD ID, trauma and injustice) or their own pleasure/owning the universe/'winning' and undermining everyone as a goal. They want to be right, let them find better and therapeutic ways of being right. If Scientology evolves this stuff, Psychiatry must surely follow? Saying you're the boss is going to require more than 'because I said so' any time soon. It's not just purist ideology here, it combines evidence-based science. Howard Hughes, the famous OCD agoraphobe billionaire (probably emetophobic, it often causes germ-phobia in some who don't study immune system adequately) was undervalued. SO - fill in the gaping holes (A math expert thanked me the other day, for setting him off to investigate the possibility of new measuring of math via chaotic Mandelbrot inventions, I don't really get it myself, but the idea came when watching a BBC2 show about it, I thought 'how can they be measuring fractions right (infinity in spaces between numbers) when Mandelbrot are not measuring the chaotic?) Off to try and focus me bigger-picture skills elsewhere. Elizabeth Lucye Robillard, ( British Breton Canadian)

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