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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bullying and the Middle East + Resources (draft fio)


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Increased social workers, increased mentoring, social skills and curriculum changes proved to reduce bullying in NY (RC Vreeman, AE Carroll - Archives of Pediatrics & …, 2007)

 More recent positive psychology events are looking hopeful, as long as support is properly and globally orbited (program term) and reinforced with bigger baby-steps!

Recent new models of schools reform include 'social learning' discussed here

Improvement and diversification of engineering skills, math and physics knowledge, generally helps increase the logical parts of brain function, replacing pleasurable reaction for apt activity, increasing logic by breaking things down into steps using backward chaining (that even chimps have been proved to do be able to handle - see also left-brain-right-brain why it still counts) incorporating creative writing and literature appreciation (blogging apps could help) discussions on variations of themes, possibilities of expansion and diversification (see 'Islam is based on Responsa literature') watching out for the malevolent psychopath

Some problems with Internet being free to all, is it will be exploited, sooner or later, by psychopaths (the ID is being honed but see countrywide freedoms that should be promoted in peaceful areas whilst increasing personal identity in those with low EQ, and free access to country wide ISPS, ensuring provision will comply with global justice and communication, the tenet being, no borders for access to Internet use, not free global Internet access. baby steps.

Babies are sometimes regarded as not treated very well. Empowering adults with EQ skills can only help.

Encouraging cultural pursuits to diversify by way of fragmenting cultural norms whilst maintaining routines, would benefit local areas and provide support to identity and diversify local customs and pursuits. New ideas will be tolerated better the smaller the community and the more localised, with an introduction of stricter and more detailed local by laws, travel arrangements, libraries, home-gardening kits (indoor gardening with LED lights),  and entertainment, as far as culture will allow. Allowed entertainment really ought to be maximised to include items that would require the expansion of local legislation and thus reinforcing local law enforcement practitioners and offering THEM rewards as and when could help solve a lot of problem,s It would be wise to identify and assist such talent wherever possible, l. Identifying jealousy and applying values to EQ will help  and The acceptable thing are Jekyll and Hyde nature hides behind perfection, false sense, Lots of narcissists excuse their cruelty/emotional abuse. Also see how to help nervous animals.

Generally you need to break down jealousies, and overuse of antioxidants as they can inflame the body causing sugar highs that are broken down with physical activity. Deescalate anger by providing steps to reduce attacks and maximise the benefits of ACT therapy. By sympathising and medicalising the trauma properly, you reinforce the understanding of the benefits of peace and tranquillity.

Understanding the arguments in Islam can help provide solutions  across the board. Challenging anger, excitement and attitude rather than content, is useful.  The authentic Muslim isn't an angry or an enabler unless he/she has unmet needs or resentment. Values placed on law enforcement can't be underestimated, but always watch and be vigilant for local habits and enhancements in order to assist in any way that could prove a means to peaceful processes.

Encourage, diversify, empower and promote existing identity and values through reading and writing.

 A global study and view was given by psychologists fairly  recently that identity reinforcement wasn't proving a success. Without the benefit of demographic appreciation incorporated into behavioural models, that would be the case.

Therefore we recommend early intervention, using locally sourced professionals to form home and school workshops where bullying is at it's worst. *ASPD are 'inherently' jealous, organised, prone to dark arts, expert liars, appear normal, like to preach, are prone to very clever mimicry and stalking and they generally don't catch social yawning!

Elizabeth Lucy aka Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

See Lucy V Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea [1997] EWHC Admin 23 (16th January, 1997)

(winner of SENDIST tribunal making legal history for having overturned the first tribunal, ordering a second and winning that via High Court as well as, first time ever, obtaining funding for a non-practising barrister (P.Bibby) It made legal history and is used for creating funds for private special needs education and legal provisions for ASD children, based on Lovaas '87 study)

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