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Friday, 22 August 2014

Feminists are hated, because we CAN f*ck! UKIP? But VOTE YES for Scotland!

F*cking is fab. Or can be.  However, if you've been raped and stalked a lot or violated and exploited a lot, it's not always an appealing idea though and also you will be judged for enjoying it (even if it's thin on the ground now and then, picky people often do without)  Allowing yourself to nurture the denial of adult healthy sex though, is thieving from your life.

 An ugly man with a temper, a Millons B, sold our heritage, which affects British identity and our tourism industry (that is partially responsible for funding our welfare state, which currently supports 52% of the UK population (source, Government) in tax credits and work related benefits, as well as disabled and unemployed.

So, who could REALLY benefit from flogging the Queen? Scotland?

Let's look at the evidence bearing in mind that not all Scots despise the British

Which Scots have been Messing things up for the British for a long time?

Blair - check.
Brown - check.
Rifkind - check -ish
David Cameron - ish

What can we do about this?

I hope UKIP will have some answers in the new manifesto coming next month, it is going to be fun and hopefully will gives us all a lot to think about.

Meanwhile, the Kama Sutra is only good when you have high EQ. IQ alone only feeds the superficial values that harm so many people.The Paparazzi guy I had a flingette with, Jon someone, looked like Anthony Newley) was all technique, and no EQ. Couldn't wait to be shot of his white designer knickers.

 Keeping things small and local is by far the best thing for the global community. When people want to own huge things and worlds, they have unmet needs, were probably left to cry for too long by parents 'doing it by the wrong book' as they learn that whining forever eventually gets them 'fed'. All that need is eventually 'worth it'. It doesn't cause good people. It causes HUGENESS and 'good psychopathy' that belongs in the army!

Love and feeding on demand is the only way to show a baby that you are a caring and good parent and that people can be trusted and loved. This is the foundation of empathy, empathy pays is learned in babyhood.

To develop empathy must be a goal for our world today and learning the difference between empathy and sympathy is very valuable, as is being able to spot the NPD. See Sam Vaknin videos and books.

'Righteous' people of all religions (not to mention jealous people - as they are very nasty 'Millon' who take delight in pretending to be nice whilst actually stabbing one deeply in the spine!) draw the line at 'otherwise good' people who happen to enjoy HEALTHY adult sex. This is because those clean and pure ones that would never throw stones in glass houses -  have only had bad or too limited experience of sex themselves (which should be included as a symptom of  'Legal Abuse Syndrome' news of which is coming soon!)

 Injustice keeps this a focal point of activism across the board. Sex crimes will always need addressing as our body is all we can ever truly own and is our foundation for our very identity. It is yours alone that nobody has a right to invade in any way ever, without strict invitation only.

Laws should be protecting all of us in this regard. Keeping focus on what is crime and what is not crime can only help bring balanced and proper justice.

 Adult consensual sex is fine and completely natural and normal but  sex involving vulnerable beings is an act of psychopaths.

This is why it's very important for all of us, to brush up our skills on identifying the proper culprits.

They lead double lives and lie so well, that it is shocking to the core when you hear them lie to others, especially in courts of law. It's shocking that these psychopaths have been among us for so long. Tony Blair seems to be one. Apparently (according to a few reliable sources) he was involved in a sex crime and it was covered up. I suppose it was youthful shenanigans, but would we have voted him in had we known?

 I expect most legals are aware of it. It's probably what is messing up some of the transparency issues we have. Along with the flawed NLP (courtesy Alistair Campbell, the other odious one) that was brought here to the UK thanks to the delightful Bandler (check out the story at Mother Jones) NLP can be useful but generally it is very dangerous as it reinforced the SICK ego, making people feel good, even if they're very nasty and without the correct skills they require.

The best thing people can do to help themselves, when suffering LAS, is see a trained CBT/Behavioural therapist and take a course. These days there are some great University courses to enjoy from MIT, to Stanford, OU, Alison etc. Give it a go, baby steps! 

Equality is great for everyone to a degree but when we have to watch our language a bit too closely it becomes a huge danger to our constitutional freedoms, local identity and our laws.

Gordon Brown snuck off to Europe and actually sold our sovereignty to the EU a few years ago. It verily freaked me out.

 Daniel Hannan was very gallant when addressing it. There is a priceless video of Mr.Hannan 
 [Gordon Brown] 'He is a devalued Prime Ministers of a devalued government''  claimed with much clever and authentic alacrity. You can judge the goodness of a man by the insults he gives, I love Dan Hannan because he loves our country, and he is also more than aware that soldiers have given their lives over and over and over again, in order for us to be able to speak out truths, lest we forget.

Wonder why David Cameron wasn't backing dear Mr. Hannan then? Hannan is a Peruvian Irish English gent who clearly values our English and British culture over almost anything else?! This is the type of person we want running our country! Someone who will make sacrifices to protect her, to prevent her from ham, ham is not the issue, I meant harm. No harm from ham is allowed.

This is our primary issue. I've seen the 'British Groups' trying to address it, but inviting over-ambitious Austrian youths with flags, has always been a mistake, let's bear that in mind.  

Hannan has also  been seen telling his VERY own voters, to vote UKIP. 

All will be revealed.
Batman Slaps Robin with 'fuck off' caption

Meantime, keep calm and love your country and her poetry, in the manner she was uniquely meant, to be loved.

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

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