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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Love and Animals - How an NPD treats pets and 'underlings'

NPD's family toon, joke, irony ' they squash pets, not love them

Love isn't suppressing or suffocating. Affection isn't real (rather hormonal pleasure-reaction addiction) if it's objectified and not respected.

Due to NPD's not having the ability to demonstrate a natural and obvious proclivity for empathy and respect for the individual (as well as actively promoting his/her liberty and/personal growth) sometimes accompanied with the deep need to sustain the 'Maddona-whore' scenario (due to 'cold hard'/NPD parenting) as he/she is dependent on the 'owned object' for N.supply.

Sam Vaknin writes ''The narcissist uses his cold empathy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1MkZb...) to elicit narcissistic supply. He robotically imitates warm, emotional empathy in order to get his interlocutor to participate in interactions which, as far as the narcissist is concerned, constitute narcissistic supply.''

Diversity and diversification can assist in changing bad habits.

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