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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Psychiatry, Crime, Liberty

Statue of Liberty Kissing a muse - titled 'liberty and justice'

We all have, in numerous spectrum's - anger, resentments, grudges and our own family dynamics and methodology - but psychiatry can come in handy when these methods fail us. However, they dun wrong.  A bit too late with the CBT and 'wellness' centres when they could be explaining the dynamics of your problems and guiding you with the ABC method of behaviourism from infancy, ensuring that it's you, the only person who can change things, working your problems out, without dangerous drugs or restraints and eternal (sometimes terminal) depression that can kill/become a habitual IDENTITY by lengthening it unnecessarily. (*Some TA can be useful (two yrs experience here)but when the 'eternal' parent/adult/child bit kicks in, you think ''more BS then'') )

 As psychiatry often shows us, in psychiatric hospitals, it's about a chemical kybosh rather than maintenance or cure. They don't claim to cure anyone, psychiatry is about labels and drugs now, Freud died a long time ago ya know.

 You can see the blind-faithers all over the web yearning for 'talking therapy' when they clearly want rescuing from themselves. How do we rescue them? Don't feed the depression, don't  react to the reactionaries, but always ensure you've tested for food intolerance, bad diet, addiction and marital/child abuse. There's a lot of lovely people who never reach their potential due to oppressive partners, tradition and old habits. Take the pressure off but for gawds sake, give them homework. Sufficient online help and support by way of apps, chat rooms and collaboration (with certification, token economy still works) is the future and to deny that, is to be a nasty god, not a dinosaur. Loneliness and isolation is a social problem, solved with proper online interaction.

Get the world online, and ensure the ill aren't really criminals, as lead-swingers make it very bad for genuine welfare claimants. NPD's get scared too though, I guess that's a DWP brief? Hope so.  Damping down reactions though, doesn't remove the problem, and drugging has to be kept as a last resort? I can certainly see the problems, but we need to teach philosophy and the value of respect for peers in junior schools, from toddler hood. We also need to ensure that little kids of NPD parents have a proper voice. They may never develop sufficient  EQ or IQ and cause illiberalism or be a general danger to society, along with possibly becoming powerful and influential. Ensure they're aware that you know of the benefit skiving and lying and you also need to show them why they're doing it. They may be carrying huge unresolved injustice and horror. Victims of crime or other social injustice, need legal support, something failing us in the UK at the moment.  Trying to defend yourself legally, whilst suffering trauma, can be far too much for a human being, resulting in vexatious complaints, paradigm shifts with a negative stilt and maybe even suicide. There'll always be the special one, that one in a hundred thousand, too special to be understood, who's too daft to get it. Be thankful you're not one of them and encourage the 'left brain' exercises. Compassion is best when formed by a good, impartial, high-court judge.

Gnome Tolle

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