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Friday, 15 August 2014

Belief Systems Explained

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It shouldn't matter to investigators if there are religious/not people involved in crime (unless religion plays a part in that crime)  but not everyone reads nor understand Dawkins/Darwin/Shelly or any other atheist - the belief system is therefore so strong that they won't challenge it impartially, they just 'want to be right' at any cost, for fear they will disappoint the holy giant It's a bit NPD.

 Beliefs don't  make facts or truth.

 It's not easy to face the fact you and everyone you know, have been lied to about gods all your life. It took me three days of severe illness to face it, and years of deliberating and study, just to accept that talking snakes don't exist. We've been globally brainwashed.

Here's a good article that describes how words are used to distract, obfuscate and brainwash. The Bible was, I believe, meant to be metaphorical - not meant to be real, same with 'Satan' stuff, it was , I believe, when it was written, to be appealing to your human traits and emotions, naming aspects of life as people and events

'The Anti Agile Manifesto'

We have suffered through countless consultants and hours of meetings. Through this we discovered that Agile is simply the obfuscation of common sense – the bewitchment of the mind through language. We have learned that
epics are really just projects
stories are really just use cases
sprints are really just work
stand-ups are really just meetings
iterations are really just versions
backlogs are really just to do lists
backlog grooming is really just planning
burn-down charts are really just earned value charts
velocity is really just output
and that tasks, in fact, are really just tasks.

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