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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

British Psychology, Older People Benefits and Why We Need Out of the EU

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You are more than your sum of experience.The bigger pictures expand and evolve with inclusion of a healthy, constructive and critical view. Older people have the benefit of not just experience of a variety of life-changing events and situations, but they are intuitive, less needy, less need to feed ego, with more desire to achieve balance and harmony as a goal. The identity of older people, can only serve to illuminate and help evolve any given work placement involving the evolution of problem solving, mature, gratitude-focused attitude, and much less 'do now pay later' attitudes that have come about due to the multitude of flawed NLP and coaching that has served the west since the 90's. Bigging up the ego of sick kids is reinforcing the illness, not changing it.

Nurture is what's needed, encouragement and honing of natural talent, feels cosy to all, and is demonstrably helpful. This comes about, in the whole, from 'Talent- Enhancement' something I'm working on. It includes encouraging a broad understanding of personal dynamics and the benefits of local identity, that I learned a bit about in a University module 'Identity and Gender'. Respecting the global community and their mental health, must seek to acknowledge and encourage the happier tribal benefits, customs and tradition. Tourism can only benefit. Health too, with less dependence of negative services. Mental Health services generally sustain rather than evolve. This view has multiple benefits for almost every trade. Development of EQ is well under way and the balance we all seek isn't unattainable with the correct approaches. Some active British voters are still swinging between Labour, UKIP and Conservatives, not least due to their global obsession with the building of more houses, when we seek to preserve our country and all it's benefits. Knocking down our wonderful landmarks, like my wonderful Earl's Court Exhibition Centre (see below) can only do harm. Building space is prized by the greedy, NPD face of ruthless profiteers. Boris Johnson supports them. Sadly. The source of the problem is facing you, with UKIP and the rise of the right, which many are now feeling is the only way forward.

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