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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Celebrity Stalkers - The Problems + Daily Mail

Celebrity Stalkers - The Authentic Problems

Superficial V Authentic Love 

 I doubt that the stalked completely understand the mindset of sociopaths or their motivations. Some such criminals don't have the ability to demonstrate their anger in a non ASPD way. A nice fan/love-puppy, would support you, never undermine you, always admire with a friendly heart, taking into account they would regard you as 'close', as you are human too (despite your VERY special talents)

A dangerous stalker would be a jealous, maladaptive, nasty piece with nice 'moments' thus confusing everyone with creating and propagating paranoia - a superficial phony unable to sympathise properly.  A fkn nasty brat.

This is ALSO caused by loneliness, frustrations, injustice, negative personality (Millons cluster B NPD) lack of validation and the belief that because you mingle with VIP's, that you must all be having violent sex with babies of all descriptions.

The press, such as the Mail, can see that celebrities are often NPD but they haven't figured it out yet. That's why we love the Daily Mail. They take some NPD's down a peg. As does Steve Allen at LBC. His attacks on Jordan and Kerry Katona are priceless.

The craving and need for fame and more and more attention, is simply 'filling in voids' and/the fact that as a child, you were emotionally reinforced most, when showing off and being entertaining. Your emotions got stuck there. You want more of that, or - you seek to exorcise your pain of childhood abuse, like Billy Connolly did.

 Some folks think that the more they add to a skill, the better they will be. Not always the case unless you are self-aware and self-critical and forgiving.

There's a lot of unresolved childhood issues out there. And a lot of loneliness. So keep up your apps, fan clubs and Facebook pages, and try not to be too special to talk to the people who may really love you.


 Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

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