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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Emergency Depression Therapy

Cano Castales, Cristal Lakes, circular prinary colours, nasty

Have you learned to read music yet? Have you conducted? Have you explored Croatia and her national parks? Do you really know the CaƱo Cristales River? Have you lived during Spring, in Provence? Have you a gallery? A website? A portfolio of your work? Where can we read your poetry? If none of this advice appeals, have you added the correct Microflora?

Have you spent the day in a Bluebell wood and made your own wine recently?

Do you have pet?  Can you plan to have a pet?  NO? >

If you seriously can't pull yourself out of a stew or a pickle, eat some or call (24/7 ANYTIME)

1-800-273-TALK (8255)     USA

 08457 90 90 90                   UK Samaritans

EMAIL Jo@samaritans.org

 For a range of European Helplines see Crisis Centres Europen

 And then there's

Therapy Pets

By Kerry Hudson
We are all familiar with guide dogs, the way they help their owner overcome physical disability is breathtaking, but did you know there is now an acknowledged need for therapy dogs? A therapy dog’s role is to help reduce anxieties and build confidence whilst providing companionship for an owner who is experiencing mental illness or distress. Read More

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