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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Evidence that Spectrums in Analysis - are Infinite and therefore - Erroneous

Each person is made up of samey stuff. But. All different. Like each leaf, snowflake and identical twin sheepz. So. What has that got to do with shrinkage of the mind? Everything! Wanna know why?

You have a spectrum for each emotion you feel. 1-10 (or 11 in my case, maybe up to 993 in the case of a BPD Cluster A on smack)

Your emotions depend on:

1. Circumstances
2. Genetics
3. Personal biology
4. Experience
5. Health
6. Beliefs
7. Social Structures/models

Therefore, psych tests can only ever be a guideline and MH pro's need to lose their NPD superior attitude and start working with clients as the boss they are of their own problems. The acting-out of MH problems is simple display of frustrations at NOT BEING HEARD, believed or understood.

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

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