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Friday, 8 August 2014

Paranoia Can Be Induced By Hackers - Have a Look

 Google induced paranoia?

If you use Firefox, you can learn how to 'toggle' the more invasive and harmful items by VERY carefully altering things - your browser may not work the same way (use the smaller window to type urls) but it will be faster and more private by using the 'toggle' option to change dodgy things from 'true' to 'false' - you do this by going to (in your address bar, type) about:config - and then say 'yes' to 'be careful there are monsters' (or some such message) - then you toggle to ensure things are safe but do it calmly and carefully and very VERY slow! Only change the things you hate, beacon may be one thing you wish to disable.. Another example is - some applications keep running after you have unplugged the computer - so you go to about:config > OK > toggle > beacon enabled > false, 'browsercachedisk enable'> false (learn more only at the proper Mozilla site) and test links for safety here -    this is partly how a stalker infested this very blog (with a macro virus that doesn't always get caught by antivirus software)

.bp.blogspot.com safe? - displaying 4 of 4

    <A> link - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cl3Z330PjYs/U-NspCgkJWI/AAAAAAAAAHc/3rXY1CnW-p0/s1600/British.jpeg
    <A> link - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-KtuuUwaZCSo/U9-sFnlAnqI/AAAAAAAAAHE/If4sic5KcQ0/s1600/nail.jpg
    <A> link - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-tN333haNVng/U9mKELAD91I/AAAAAAAAAGg/Yc6ehIMfGcc/s1600/funny.jpg
    <A> link - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kxeZ4dK2d5E/U9elKQw2ncI/AAAAAAAAAFI/zalaLXkvtGE/s1600/swan.jpg    SO  -  for more on how to secure your browsing see M4J - ALSO >>

I had this from Pinterest just now !

What's a bot?
If you're seeing a "We've detected a bot!" message when trying to use Pinterest, we've blocked you because we detected an automated bot on your network.
A bot is a computer program made to automatically scrape, crawl and/or attack Pinterest.
Why doesn't Pinterest allow bots?
Bots can slow down Pinterest for other people and they may even be malicious. Because of this, we don't allow bots. You can learn more in our Acceptable Use Policy. Fortunately I learned how to use online URL scanners, and found the probelm was an Indian guy who I allowed to post spam on a comment,. wasn't my great images, now deleted,. So much fun them minkeyz.  Problem solved though. Google were not very helpful. Looking at Wordpress.

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