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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Psychiatry is ONLY for the Feeble, Get Your Facts Right!

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Psychiatry is for the feeble. and I am, at present feebly traumatised and unwell, that aside - my sympathies lay with the British. N.American/US and French military (and good service folk) due to widespread European identity crisis for which I have insight. I went to school on it.  My parents were prissy cultural whores on the lash and very nice hero types (his Naval commander years are omitted?) I loved them very much and carry their spirit and intent, which makes me the ultimate do-gooder ho in overdrive. My son is not with me, he's a vulnerable young man who should be in contact with his lovely mum, so the world is officially still, titsup. Having achieved all I have, on my Tod, with only a little but welcome rapport from friends, I have to rave a little. But don't blame the entire UKIP thing on me. My joy comes from the following logix.

I love teeny things. Leaves, bark, types of rain, types of dog, types of cat, and all those itty bitty bits in between. I have not mastered Italian, I've not even shagged one yet, and a chef wants me to share a sugar-free oat biscuit. I survive! So choose LIFE everytime wot means >  serotonin and higher dopamine, it's really  affordable. Transformational hubris is in short supply tho, we don't 'do' bullshit.

We need to get down and dirty. Or do the washing up. Jumping helps depression by the way, as does cholcate, home-brew ale, probiotics and meat. Or lots of yogurt/buttermilk. But know when to take these and eat your oats with fruit. Also. Carrots are disgusting. Hide them in Orange juice, Apple, cucumber (eat the skin), mint and onions are all good. KEEP AWAY from white bread unless it's sour dough. Grind your nuts in every way possible, sprinkle over your porridge, don't do too much cinamin unless you want to kill a bug as it kills good things. Don't drink tea, coffee, or chocolate (DAO blockers) if you have unexplained squit. Honeys are always beneficial. But change is often necessary. Watch them hydrangeas. Also, to fear death is very wise. Fund it. Cheers, : ) x

Gnome Tollez