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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Autism Truth - finally coming out (see comments below video)

read carefully. Social workers and courts, are misdiagnosing NPD. They
confuse it with psychopathy. They believe children like this are at huge
risk of abuse. Instead of clarifying the dx (of parents) they are
taking children. They gang-up. That was due to 'common purpose' and BAD
NLP. We have no hope whilst Munby (head of Family Law in UK) lies about
wanting transparency in courts (he could change it himself with ONE
landmark case). He also presides over SEN tribunals.  I've witnessed him
abusing the system. Social workers need to be certain that parents are
not just 'healthy' narcissist with (maybe) schizotypal (not
schizophrenic) traits. They are often handing children to abusers.
Psychopaths - confident abusers with 'healthy esteem'. Check it all
- the truth about autism, it is MISDIAGNOSED. See UEB3A genes. and
Angelman Syndrome. The criminals misdiagnosing are using behaviorism
only. This thing is brain-damage or genetic. The damage is sometimes
caused by fetal alcohol syndrome but also - from vaccine damage (before
you ignore, see gov 'vaccine damage payment unit' - you have to be SIXTY
percent disabled, in order to get a payment. All vaccines can do this.
Autism is the label they are giving to narcissists with sociopathic
traits. Benefit cheat types. Extreme selfishness is NOTHING like these
children. I know all about it. I lost my son to a violent lunatic.
Fought for MANY years in secret courts. Time the crimes were outed. Best
of luck


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