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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Child Abuse Campaigns - Getting it Right

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Notes for Child Abuse Campaigners

The loudest campaigners are usually kind-hearted, well-meaning and hard-working individuals.
Sometimes though, 'supporting' can be more harmful than helpful. Feeding a negative (known as 'negative reinforcement' in Behaviourism) is often self-defeating. A lot of these well-intentioned people have witnessed malice themselves, see it everywhere (about half the planet has a malicious streak) and vow to fight it using everything they've got. They can though, appear as 'suspicious' types themselves.

They make the best of things and sometimes, endure hidden anxieties, sometimes suffer from severe mental (or other ill health) disorder or torment, due to complex loyalties and problems. Sometimes old, maybe 'lesser' injustices, also drive them (*They've often been subjected to other abuse/bullying in one way or another)

 They can 'shine' in many areas but never can be the best they COULD be due to clinging to old fashioned values,without evolving new interests, but some social structures, that mostly serve to make them feel secure and happy, can fail to support, when it's too 'blinkered' or stubborn. Group identity is sometimes undervalued. Simplifying the world to exclude your more diverse thinking, whilst getting things done, can seem the best and more just, option.

Finding the 'quickest' way *only* though, only proves your own general impatience and thus possible inclination to exaggerate. Judges in law defer to criminology and social sciences (social workers) to help them decide if witnesses are truthful people, or prone to violence/malicious intent = lies & crime.

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