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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nutshell Philosophy from Tolle, Chopra, Bobby Womack (R.I.P)

Gnome Tolle writes (with Jim Carrey and Chopra)

ensure your plastic surgeon holds no childhood resentments #philosophy #Showbiz

don't talk to weird people you don't know, your parents would have wanted you to know this, had they been decent scum #mindfulness

consider that scum are just like you but learn the trade of BS in a different way #business #mindfulness #HumanRights

b cool. Just don't overdo it, K? #mindfulness

drugs are much better quality and thus less able to harm you when you are rich #philosophy

'meh' has a spectrum: disinterested to fearful 78% #philosophy #mindfulness

prod prod prod prod prod prod - see? Nothing to see here #philosophy

calm down, breathe slowly - this is science #mindfulness

crime and mindfulness, it is truth transcended #mindful FULL

come on the leftie scum, you are doing good today - 'mind full' love, give me your money now

don't spread evil rumours without priming with quality bung #philosophy

breathe before everything you do, stupid nice person (bucks now?) #mindfulness

the main mind and the full NESS of the said mind #ting

more than miffed, mindful of miffery is good

'Stop leaving: you will arrive. Stop running: you will be found. Stop paying: you will find your kneecaps realigned instead of your chakras'. Dbag Chopra

Don't worry, it won't help Jim Carrey (from 'Don't worry, it won't HEP' Bobby Womack )

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