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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Domestic Violence Breakthrough - Prof. Kevin Dutton on Twitter - with Us

Professor Kevin Dutton is co-author - with self-confessed Psychopath, Andy McNab - of 'The Good Psychopaths Guide To Success'

We want to ensure Prof.Dutton is aware of how useful his work is in the field of domestic violence and violence prevention will be.

   In answer to 'shouldn't all women be informed of partner Personality type'? Prof.Dutton writes:

 @profkevindutton  @Londoner_Health @HuffingtonPost Not sure I understand the question. Who would tell her? In what context? Elaborate a little, perhaps?
         may leaf ‏@Londoner_Health
 @profkevindutton @HuffingtonPost *DV is nearly always usually the negative NPD on the schizotypal

        @profkevindutton @HuffingtonPost *should be on all medical records, ID'ing folks like this can prevent and treat violence everywhere
        Kevin Dutton ‏@profkevindutton

        @Londoner_Health @HuffingtonPost Ah, I see. But the majority of DV is committed by those without PD. Also, personality changes over time.
        may leaf ‏@Londoner_Health  (depends if sociopath or psychopath)

        @profkevindutton @HuffingtonPost *in other words, you can't develop proper empathy if a hard-wired psychopath
        Lawson Clan ‏@GeneticPsycho

        @Londoner_Health @profkevindutton @HuffingtonPost Psychopaths identified since their void of conscience means they can NEVER be trusted.
            @GeneticPsycho @profkevindutton @HuffingtonPost

        may leaf ‏@Londoner_Health

        @GeneticPsycho @profkevindutton @HuffingtonPost precisely

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