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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Social Worker - Amazing Story

The Samurai Social Worker

In my previous post under a very similar title I stated that people who know my story would understand the title, I want to share why it is significant and the journey to get there. Whilst travelling the journey I have regularly utilised my Social Work skills, values and theories in order to try to make sense of my own experiences. This has been both extraordinarily valuable, but at the same time terrifying as I have had to lay myself bare to myself.
On the 17th October 2013 I was sectioned and conveyed to an acute ward to receive treatment for an illness I did not really know I had, although I had my suspicions. Where I want this small component of my story to end, is at the point where I am being restrained face down on a crash mat by a number of staff and injected against my will. The thing these staff do not know is that as soon as they let go a Samurai is waiting to cut off my head. Being restrained is terrifying in itself, however knowing that you are going to be killed after it amplifies the trauma. You may say that the Samurai was only a figment of my imagination but trust me when I say, there were four of them and they were very real. I could sense their presence and could feel their blade on the back of my neck and the swish of the sword as they swung it. This is very real and READ MORE

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