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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Insomnia can kill. I hope this isn't me (no sleep for 11 months)

insomnia 2 green alien face

Picture 'Humanoid' by Irina Pechkareva 

Elizabeth Lucye Robillard writes: 'My insomnia was triggered by extreme trauma. I hope that it hasn't damaged my brain enough to kill me. I don't fancy going to hospital to have them prodding me about, it's not like they can do any good. Still, this sort of insomnia IS terrifying. Nobody believes it and they think it's as easy as 'switching off'. They can't imagine it, as they've never experienced it. It's very strange. You feel tired but you don't sleep. You can 'drift' into daydreaming and relaxation even but - still, the sleep never comes. I've written to the doctors and told the support workers, but they just ignore you. It's very distressing but you can't be distressed these days, without our 103 BILLION pound per annum, psychiatric industry, locking you up in a hell hole like St.Charles (R.I.P Natalie)' I hope it doesn't kill me, but if it does, well, thanks for the internet anyway world. It was good. meantime, there's more about fatal insomnia here

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